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Emin Labs was founded in 2021 and it is located in Tyson, Virginia.

Emin Labs’ well organized Information Technology Training & Coaching Programs enables mid-career professionals to successfully transition to Information Technology and Engineering jobs that are in high demand. We have reinvented IT training and created a one to one coaching program for 21st century future jobs.

IT Workforce is International!

Today, information technology workforce like software development engineer, software test automation engineer, data scientist, cyber security analyst and sales force engineer as well as the shortage of skilled professionals, is ever-increasing. In the face of the growing need to build the workforce and recruit new talent, there is a need for highlighting training and professional development opportunities that contribute to career advancement.

IT Workforce is International! Most of our trainees do not have any IT experience. All we ask is dedication, hard-work and patience.

Training or Coaching? Or together?

Today, it is easy to find training sources over internet with using Udemy, Coursera or other training web services. But it is not easy to be successful without professional Tech support. Even it is harder if you do not have experience. Job market not only looks for technical skills but also soft skills. We provide experimental training and coaching services to get you ready future jobs market.

We can start with Coaching to decide your IT career path!


Step by step, International Career Pathway for Individuals with Emin Cyber Labs IT Professionals Network.

Are you ready for IT Job Market?

Our instructors have the most up-to-date field experience to lead you to the right path. With training services, our main aim is give participants well prepared training documents and sources, motivate them with coaching services, and get ready international for job market. We will be supporting after training program and first days at job. And we also provide coaching services who already working as an IT professional.

Our immersive IT Training & Coaching Programs enables you to successfully transition to a promising career.

Ask for professional IT Services!

We are a team of idealistic engineers and IT experts who are providing services, as a Software Development Engineer, Software Development Engineer in Test, Cyber Security Analyst and Engineer, Sales Force Engineer etc.. Thanks to our talented human resources, we analysis your company IT needs, we provide web and mobile application development services with using different programing language like Java, Javascript, Asp.Net, Python. We manage DevOps and SecOps teams.

We support your IT team with talented tech professionals. Do you you need advice on a IT project? We are in!!

Daily Support & Motivation

Thanks to our career coaching program, We'll keep you accountable by checking in with you daily on your progress

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