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Cources & Benefits

Yes. We provide online cources. We have students from more than 10 countries across the globe.
Yes, we provide non-credit certificates of participation, but we don’t offer college credits.
We provide our materials, including documents, presentations, videos, software, and certification preparation materials built by our instructors and partners, for your use. Video recordings, presentations, documents, and other materials are uploaded in the Learning Management System so the students can have access to them whenever they need them. But we do not allow students to share learning materials to thirt party due to the copright law.
The income of the students that have graduated from Emin Labs varies according to their performance, their learning paths, the market, location, and other factors. However, the range of the IT market in America is anywhere between $60k to $190k. Emin Labs does not make any salary promises, and these are only salary ranges of the current IT market in US.
To get a job in the US, you need a legal working status. Citizenship is not required if you have a green card or valid work authorization in the US. But our trainings and coaching services provide you to requiet qualification to work in US.
We offer you several payment options which perfectly fit you. Please feel free to contact our team to learn more about our tuition fee and our payment policy.
We accept electronic checks, bank payments, and credit card payments (there is a 3% credit card transaction fee charged by third-party companies, not only Emin Labs, for everyone who chooses to make credit card payments).
There is no minimum age requirement for the course.
Management services and training services are separate processes. However, you will benefit from Emin Career Labs such as Job Posting, direct communication with employers. Emin Labs does not guarantee job placement to candidates.

Management Services & Benefits

Emin Labs provides a full suite of Information Technology outsourcing tools and managed IT services to help you manage your entire IT organization in a more efficient and controlled manner. We provide skilled IT human resources and management consulting.
Cost Effective, Skill Talent, Flexibility, Off Shore Staffing, Reduced hiring risk... We have an extensive IT pre-qualification process including background and reference checks, through which we can find the candidate that fit the client’s role and work culture.
We aren’t like other staffing partner who randomly reaches you for partnership. If we reached you that means we have understood your business and needs. We believe in industry practice recruiting model and confident that our current practice recruiting model will be add on to your business.
We organize regular training, workshops and events to help our employees and consultants develop their skills, which ultimately benefits your organization. Emin Labs has a talent database of more 10,000 active and passive candidates looking to maximize their career success. We also have access to an affiliate network and jobs boards that provides us with access to millions of capable staffing, employment or recruitment company services candidates, whether your organization requires permanent, staffing agency or employment agency staffing services.
Many companies share their job offers with our alumni. However, recruitment is a long-term relationship and as such we would love to connect with you first!
We do expect candidates we have sourced to be very well matched to the roles. Depends on contract type, Emin Labs does guarantee to provide you with an alternative candidate for the same position if the original candidate departs or is dismissed within 3 months due to non-performance. Please check management services contract types and benefits.
Recruitment consultants are also responsible for: interviewing and assessing prospective applicants and matching them with vacancies, screening candidates and drawing up shortlists of candidates for clients to interview, coordinating interviews, creating and placing advertisements, helping prepare applicants for interviews, building relationships with clients, negotiating employment contracts, headhunting. You will be comunicating with our recruitment consultants for management services.
Key skills for recruitment consultants include: Verbal and written communication, Good sales skills, Drive Determination, Commercial awareness, Advanced organizational skills. For specialist recruitment consultants, qualifications in IT, accountancy or engineering may be required.
We work with professional recruitment consultants and recruitment companies to grow Career Network. You can get detailed informations with filling contact form.

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